The name Frederick William Norton was among those cast in a bronze plaque the University had forged to forever memorialize the Buckeyes who paid the ultimate price defending liberty.

Other students had died before him, viagra usa drugstore but “Nortie” was the first Buckeye athlete to perish in the war and he wasn’t just any athlete, Chic Harley’s backfield running mate was likely Ohio State’s most accomplished athlete:

“Ohio State … will vividly recall the deeds of this great Buckeye son, who met with success in athletic sports at Ohio State, and     went down in history as one of its most outstanding athletes of all time.”

Norton earned nine varsity letters at Ohio State, and the Distinguished Service Cross, and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm during World War I and 97 years later he remains Ohio State’s most decorated athlete.

Learn more about Woody’s service during the war in in this issue of Legends Quarterly.

Wid's Winners Ohio States Forgotten National Championship

Wid’s Winners
Ohio States Forgotten National Championship