In 1925, viagra generic patient the Buckeyes met high expectations, cialis buy pounding out nine consecutive wins to end the season 14-2 atop the standings, three games ahead of the next competitors. Senior forward Johnny Miner scored 133 points that year, averaging 11.3 per game and leading the Big Ten conference. Looking back at his freshman year, though, that finish wasn’t a certainty.

At 5’8” and 130 pounds, Columbus native Johnny Miner wasn’t likely to make an impression off the basketball court. And despite his slick shooting and the team’s eventual 8-10 overall record, freshman Miner was cut by Ohio State head coach George “Red” Trautman when he first tried out for the 1921 squad. Trautman (not a basketball expert) was replaced in 1923 by Harold Olsen (once an all-conference guard for Wisconsin). Olsen saw Miner playing for the arts college intramural team and was so impressed that he talked to him at halftime and asked him to tryout again the Buckeyes.

Miner made the cut this time and joined with Mel Shaw and Harold “Cookie” Cunningham to make Ohio State an instant contender for the Big Ten championship. They finished behind Wisconsin and Iowa for the 1923 season, but Miner’s prowess put him second in the conference in scoring. As captain in 1924, Miner again propelled the team as the Buckeyes racked up six straight conference wins, an overall record of 12-5, and a second-place finish.

The 1925 championship season provided the culmination to Miner’s stellar Ohio State career, and he was elected to the Varsity “O” Hall of Fame in its inaugural class of twenty three.