“Sherman ran an option play right through the South.”

General William Tecumseh Sherman was one of Woody Hayes’ first heroes, generic viagra remedy in part because Sherman’s philosophy of all out war appealed to Hayes’ “visceral instincts.” It didn’t hurt that Sherman was an Ohio native.

Hayes was a military historian and often quoted great generals and tried to apply their lessons and strategies not only to his gridiron endeavors, but to every aspect of his life.

Hayes’ instinct was to bring the fight to his opponent. Though detractors point to this impulse as contributing to his downfall, his aggressiveness was his very nature. It was who he was.

As a young high school educator and coach, Woody followed the actions of Hitler’s Army intently as the Nazis ravished and pillaged Europe.

By the summer of 1941, the former Denison history major had concluded it was imperative for the United States to enter the war to save the world for democracy. So, he did what millions of young American men did, he enlisted in the Navy and got engaged. What set Woody Hayes apart was that the prospects of war were still over the horizon. Hayes enlisted nearly six months before Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor and according to his wife, they never really were engaged.

Learn more about Woody’s service during the war in in this issue of Legends Quarterly.

Wid's Winners Ohio States Forgotten National Championship

Wid’s Winners
Ohio States Forgotten National Championship