Welcome to Legends Quarterly, viagra generic pharmacy where we celebrate the rich heritage of Ohio State athletics.  Legends Quarterly is a digital magazine distributed via email sent directly to your tablet, mind smart phone or desk top.

In the issues to follow we expect to share with you things you never knew about the people who have helped make the sports at Ohio’s Land Grant university an important part of who we are.  Many of the stories we present will be generally known, cheap out goal is to show different aspects in a new light and to refresh seasoned stories for a new generation of Buckeyes.

This site is intended to compliment the magazine, while we will have some content exclusive here, our intention is build a community of like minded folks who appreciate the Buckeyes’ past as while living the wave of the present.

Feel free to comment on articles, correct us when our stories are a bit off or with stories ideas for future editions.

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